Can You Change the Theme of a Discord Server?


Scott Campbell

Discord is known for its customizable nature, allowing users to personalize their servers to suit their preferences. One common question that arises when it comes to customization is whether it’s possible to change the theme of a Discord server. In this article, we will explore this topic and provide you with all the necessary information.

Understanding Discord Themes

Before we delve into the question at hand, let’s first understand what Discord themes actually are. A theme in Discord refers to the overall appearance and design of the user interface. It includes elements such as color schemes, fonts, and backgrounds that give Discord a distinct look and feel.

By default, Discord offers a sleek and modern theme that many users find appealing. However, some individuals might desire a more personalized experience or simply want to add a touch of uniqueness to their servers.

The Limitations

While Discord provides various customization options, it’s important to note that changing the theme of an entire server is not directly supported by the platform. Unlike chat applications like Telegram or WhatsApp, Discord does not offer built-in themes or extensive customization options for servers.

However, don’t despair! There are still ways you can enhance the appearance of your server using third-party tools and plugins.


BetterDiscord is a popular third-party extension for Discord that allows users to customize their experience beyond what is offered by default. With BetterDiscord, you can install custom themes created by the community or even create your own theme using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

To get started with BetterDiscord:

  • Step 1: Visit the BetterDiscord website ( and download the application compatible with your operating system.
  • Step 2: Install BetterDiscord by following the provided instructions.
  • Step 3: Launch Discord and navigate to the settings.
  • Step 4: Under the “BetterDiscord” tab, you will find options to manage and install themes.

Once you have installed BetterDiscord and selected a theme, it will modify the appearance of your Discord client. However, it’s important to note that these changes are only visible to you and not other server members.

Nitro Boosting

Nitro Boosting is another option that allows server owners to enhance their server’s appearance. Nitro Boosting is a premium feature offered by Discord that provides various benefits, including access to custom server banners and emotes, higher audio quality, and improved video resolution.

To unlock these customization perks through Nitro Boosting, you need to:

  1. Purchase Discord Nitro: Subscribe to Discord’s premium service called Discord Nitro. This subscription comes in two tiers – Nitro Classic and Nitro.
  2. Boost Your Server: Once you have subscribed to Nitro, you can boost your server by using your available boosts. The number of boosts available depends on your subscription tier.

Note that while Nitro Boosting provides some customization options, it does not allow for a complete theme change. The modifications are limited primarily to banners and emotes displayed within the server.

The Verdict

In conclusion, while changing the theme of an entire Discord server is not directly supported, there are workarounds available through third-party tools like BetterDiscord and premium features like Nitro Boosting.

If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, BetterDiscord is the way to go. It offers a wide range of themes created by the community, allowing you to find one that suits your taste. On the other hand, Nitro Boosting provides some customization perks but is more focused on enhancing server features rather than changing the overall theme.

Remember to always respect Discord’s terms of service and guidelines when customizing your server. Happy theming!

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