Can You Call a Server on Discord?


Scott Campbell

Can You Call a Server on Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to connect with others through text, voice, and video. While it’s primarily known for its voice and video chat features, many users wonder if it’s possible to call an entire server on Discord.

The Basics of Discord Servers

Before we dive into the question of server calls on Discord, let’s quickly cover the basics of Discord servers. A Discord server is essentially a community hub where users can gather and interact. It can be created for various purposes, such as gaming clans, study groups, or even just a place for friends to hang out.

Voice Channels vs. Server Calls

Discord offers two primary ways for users to communicate within a server: voice channels and server calls.

Voice Channels

Voice channels are similar to traditional voice calls. They allow members within a server to join and have real-time conversations with each other through their microphones. Voice channels are perfect for casual chats, gaming sessions, or any situation where immediate interaction is desired.

Server Calls

On the other hand, server calls are designed for larger group discussions or announcements within a server. With server calls, you can broadcast your voice to all members of the server simultaneously. This feature is useful when you want to address everyone in your community at once or host events like Q&A sessions or virtual conferences.

No Direct Server Call Feature

Despite its various communication features, currently Discord does not have a built-in direct “call” feature specifically for entire servers.


  • However, there are workarounds that allow you to achieve a similar effect.
  • One popular workaround is to create a voice channel specifically for server-wide announcements and discussions.
  • You can set the permissions of this channel to allow only certain roles or members to speak, effectively creating a “server call” environment.


In conclusion, while Discord does not have a dedicated feature for direct server calls, you can still create an environment that mimics the functionality of a server-wide call by utilizing voice channels and setting appropriate permissions. This allows you to effectively communicate with all members of your Discord server at once.

Discord’s versatile communication features make it an excellent platform for connecting with others. Whether you’re looking for casual conversations in voice channels or want to make announcements to your entire community, Discord has got you covered!

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