Can You Buy More Server Boosts Discord?


Scott Campbell

Can You Buy More Server Boosts on Discord?

Discord is an incredibly popular platform for gamers and communities to come together and connect. One of the standout features of Discord is the ability to boost servers, which enhances the server’s capabilities and unlocks various perks.

But can you buy more server boosts on Discord? Let’s find out.

What are Server Boosts?

Server boosts are a way for Discord users to support their favorite servers and unlock additional benefits. When a user boosts a server, they contribute to the server’s boost level. The boost level determines the number of perks that are unlocked for all members of the server.

Boost Perks:

  • Improved Audio Quality: Boosting a server provides higher quality audio during voice chats, ensuring crystal clear communication.
  • Custom Server Banner: Boosted servers can customize their banner to add a personal touch and make their server stand out.
  • Enhanced Video Quality: Boosted servers enjoy improved video resolution during video calls, allowing for better visual clarity.
  • Animated Server Icon: Server owners can create animated icons for boosted servers, adding a dynamic element to their brand image.

The Limitations

Initially, Discord provided users with two available boosts per server. However, in December 2020, they introduced an update allowing up to three additional boosts per server. This means that you can now have a maximum of five boosts per server.

Purchasing Additional Server Boosts

If you’ve already used up your available boosts on a particular server or want to further enhance your favorite server, you might be wondering if you can purchase more server boosts. Unfortunately, Discord does not offer a direct way to buy additional server boosts.

Alternative Options:

  • Ask Your Community: If you’re looking to increase your server’s boost level, consider reaching out to your community and encouraging them to contribute their available boosts.
  • Create a Booster Role: You can create a special role within your server for users who have boosted the server in the past. This role can come with perks such as access to exclusive channels or special privileges.
  • Consider Nitro Boosting: Nitro boosting is a separate feature on Discord that allows users to boost their own profile instead of a specific server. By boosting your own profile, you gain additional perks for yourself and indirectly support the servers you’re a part of.

In Conclusion

While Discord does not provide an option to directly purchase additional server boosts, there are alternative ways to enhance your favorite servers and support the Discord community. By leveraging existing features like asking your community for help or utilizing Nitro boosting, you can still make a significant impact on the servers you love.

Remember, boosting servers not only unlocks perks but also shows appreciation for the communities that bring joy and connection into our lives. So go ahead and boost your favorite servers!

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