Can We Have Array of Void Data Type?


Larry Thompson

Can We Have Array of Void Data Type?

In programming, an array is a data structure that allows you to store multiple values of the same data type. Each value in the array is called an element, and they are accessed using an index number.

But can we have an array of void data type? Let’s dive deeper into this question.

Understanding Void Data Type

The void data type in programming languages, such as C and C++, represents the absence of any type. It is often used to indicate that a function does not return any value. For example:

void printMessage() {
    // Function does not return any value
    printf("Hello, World!");

In the above code snippet, the printMessage() function has a void return type, indicating that it doesn’t return anything.

The Limitation of Void Data Type in Arrays

Arrays are designed to hold elements of a specific data type. Since the void data type represents no specific type, it cannot be used as the element type for arrays directly. Trying to create an array with a void data type will result in a compilation error.

void myArray[5]; // Compilation error: Array has incomplete element type 'void'

You might wonder why we would need an array with a void data type in the first place. While it may not seem necessary at first glance, there are situations where having an array without a specific data type can be useful.

Using Pointers to Create Arrays of Void Data Type

One way to overcome the limitation is by using pointers. In C and C++, you can create an array of pointers with a void pointer type (void*). This allows you to store addresses of any data type in the array.

void* myArray[5]; // Array of void pointers

By using void pointers, you can store addresses of different data types in the same array. However, you need to be cautious while accessing the elements of such an array. Since the actual type information is lost when using void pointers, you need to cast them back to their original data types before using them.


In conclusion, an array with a void data type is not directly possible in most programming languages. However, by using void pointers, you can create an array that can hold addresses of any data type. Just remember to be careful while accessing and casting the elements of such arrays.



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