Can Server Admins See Deleted Messages Discord?


Heather Bennett

Discord is a popular communication platform among gamers, communities, and professionals. It offers various features like voice and video calls, text messaging, and the ability to create servers for different purposes.

One common question that arises among Discord users is whether server admins can see deleted messages. Let’s dive into this topic to understand how Discord handles deleted messages and what server admins can access.

Deleted Messages on Discord

When a user deletes a message on Discord, it is not completely erased from existence. Instead, the message becomes hidden from view for all users except the author of the message. This means that other users in the server won’t be able to see the deleted message anymore.

However, it’s important to note that even though regular users cannot see deleted messages, server admins have certain privileges that allow them to access deleted content under specific circumstances.

Server Admin Permissions

Server admins hold more power and control compared to regular users within a Discord server. They have the ability to manage various aspects of the server, including moderation and administrative tasks. With these elevated permissions comes access to some additional features that regular users do not have.

Although server admins cannot see deleted messages by default, they can use certain moderation bots or log plugins designed for Discord servers to access deleted content.

Moderation Bots

Moderation bots are widely used in Discord servers to automate moderation tasks and provide additional functionality. Some moderation bots offer features specifically designed to monitor and log deleted messages.

These bots track all messages sent within a server and store them in a database or log file. Even if a user deletes their message, it remains accessible through these logs for server admins with appropriate permissions.

Log Plugins

Log plugins work similarly to moderation bots, but they are installed directly on the server rather than being external bots. These plugins can be configured to log various events, including deleted messages.

Once a message is deleted, the log plugin records the details of the deleted message, such as the author, content, and timestamp.

This information can be accessed by server admins for moderation purposes or record-keeping.

Privacy and Trust

While server admins do have access to deleted messages through moderation bots or log plugins, it’s important to understand that this access comes with certain responsibilities. Server admins should handle this information with care and respect user privacy.

Discord maintains a strong emphasis on privacy and trust. Server admins are expected to use their powers responsibly and only access deleted messages when absolutely necessary, such as investigating harassment or enforcing server rules.


In summary, regular users cannot see deleted messages on Discord. However, server admins with appropriate permissions can access deleted content through moderation bots or log plugins.

It is essential for server admins to exercise caution and prioritize user privacy when accessing this information. Discord’s commitment to privacy ensures that user data remains protected within the platform.

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