Can PC and Xbox Play a Private Ark Server?


Scott Campbell

Can PC and Xbox Play a Private Ark Server?

If you’re an avid gamer, chances are you’ve heard of Ark: Survival Evolved. This popular multiplayer survival game allows players to explore a vast open world, tame dinosaurs, and build their own bases.

One of the most exciting aspects of Ark is the ability to play with friends on private servers. But can PC and Xbox players join forces on a private Ark server? Let’s find out!

Setting Up Your Private Ark Server

Before we dive into compatibility issues between PC and Xbox players, let’s briefly discuss how to set up a private Ark server. There are several hosting options available, but one popular choice is using a dedicated server hosting provider.

Step 1: Choose a reliable hosting provider that supports both PC and Xbox platforms.

Step 2: Select the appropriate server package based on your requirements (number of players, storage capacity, etc.).

Step 3: Configure your server settings, such as game mode, difficulty level, and any mods you want to include.

Step 4: Once your server is set up, share the connection details with your friends so they can join.

Xbox and PC Compatibility

In terms of compatibility between PC and Xbox players on a private Ark server, there’s good news! Crossplay support is available for Ark: Survival Evolved. This means that both PC and Xbox players can play together seamlessly on the same private server.

This crossplay functionality was introduced in December 2019 as part of an update by Studio Wildcard, the developers behind Ark: Survival Evolved. It allows players from different platforms to join the same multiplayer session, opening up new possibilities for cooperative gameplay.

However, it’s important to note that crossplay is only available for the Windows 10 version of Ark on PC and the Xbox One version of the game. If you’re playing Ark on Steam or any other platform, crossplay with Xbox players is not supported.

Joining a Private Ark Server

Now that we know PC and Xbox players can play together on a private Ark server, let’s discuss how to join one.

For PC Players:

  • Launch Ark: Survival Evolved on your PC.
  • Click on “Join ARK” in the main menu.
  • Select “Unofficial PC Sessions” from the server filter dropdown.
  • Enter the connection details provided by the server host and click “Connect.”

For Xbox Players:

  • Launch Ark: Survival Evolved on your Xbox One console.
  • Navigate to the “Multiplayer” tab in the main menu.
  • Select “Join Dedicated Server” from the options.
  • Enter the server name or IP address and click “Join.”

Tips for a Smooth Gameplay Experience

To ensure a smooth gameplay experience when playing together on a private Ark server, consider these tips:

  • Create Balanced Teams: Divide players into teams based on their platform (PC or Xbox) to maintain fair competition during PvP battles or cooperative gameplay.
  • Communicate Effectively: Use in-game voice chat or external communication tools to coordinate strategies and communicate with your team members.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on game updates and server maintenance schedules to avoid any unexpected downtime.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to embark on an epic adventure with your friends, regardless of whether they play on PC or Xbox!

In conclusion, PC and Xbox players can indeed play together on a private Ark server. Thanks to crossplay support, the gaming experience becomes even more enjoyable as you explore the prehistoric world of Ark: Survival Evolved together. So gather your friends, set up a private server, and let the adventure begin!

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