Can I Change My PFP in a Server Discord?


Angela Bailey

Can I Change My PFP in a Server Discord?

If you’re an active user of Discord, you might be wondering if it’s possible to change your profile picture (PFP) specifically for a server. While your PFP is typically the same across all servers and direct messages, there is indeed a way to customize it for a specific server. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to change your profile picture within a Discord server.

Step 1: Accessing Server Settings

To begin, navigate to the server where you want to change your PFP. On the left-hand side of the Discord window, locate the server’s name and right-click on it. A context menu will appear – select “Server Settings” from the options.

Step 2: Accessing User Settings

Once you’re in the Server Settings menu, look for the “User Management” category on the left sidebar. Click on it to expand the options, and then select “Members”. This will bring up a list of all members in that particular server.

Pro Tip:

If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, you can access user settings by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M simultaneously.

Step 3: Changing Your PFP

In the members list, locate your username and click on it. This will open up your user profile settings for that specific server.

Within your user profile settings, you’ll find various options such as nickname and roles. To change your profile picture (PFP), hover over your current profile picture icon until an edit (pencil) icon appears.

Click on the edit icon, and this will open up a file explorer window where you can select a new image from your computer. Choose the desired image and click “Open” to confirm your selection. Discord will automatically update your profile picture within the server.


Discord has specific guidelines regarding profile pictures, so ensure that your chosen image adheres to their terms of service. Violating these guidelines may result in your account being flagged or even banned.

Step 4: Viewing Your New PFP

After successfully changing your profile picture, you can now view the updated PFP within the server. Your new profile picture will be visible next to your username in various places, such as member lists, chat messages, and voice channels.

Step 5: Changing Back to Your Default PFP

If you decide to revert back to your original/default profile picture at any point, simply follow the same steps outlined in this tutorial and select your default image instead.

Note: Changing your profile picture within a server does not affect your PFP globally on Discord. It will only be visible within the specific server where you made the change.

In Conclusion

Yes, it is indeed possible to change your profile picture (PFP) in a Discord server. By following these simple steps outlined above, you can personalize your presence within a specific server and make yourself easily recognizable among other members.

To summarize:

  • Navigate to the desired server’s settings
  • Access user settings by selecting “Members”
  • Click on your username and select the edit icon
  • Select a new image from your computer
  • Confirm and enjoy viewing your new PFP within the server

Remember to respect Discord’s guidelines when choosing a profile picture, and have fun customizing your online identity!

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