Can I Boost Discord Server 2 Times?


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Can I Boost Discord Server 2 Times?

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to create and manage their own communities, known as servers. One way to enhance the functionality and visibility of a Discord server is by boosting it. Boosting a server provides various benefits, such as improved audio quality, custom server banners, and increased emoji slots.

What is Discord Server Boosting?

Discord server boosting is a feature that allows members of a server to contribute by purchasing “Server Boosts.” These boosts can be bought with Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic subscriptions or by using Discord’s virtual currency called “Boosts.”

Boosting Levels:

Discord servers have different levels of boosting, which determine the number of perks and features available. There are three levels of boosting:

  • Level 1:
    • A Level 1 boosted server receives perks like an animated server icon and increased audio quality.
    • This level requires at least two boosts from different members.
  • Level 2:
    • A Level 2 boosted server enjoys all the perks of Level 1 plus additional features like a custom invite background.
    • This level requires at least fifteen boosts from different members.
  • Level 3:
    • A Level 3 boosted server gets all the perks from Level 1 and Level 2 along with priority support from Discord’s team.
    • This level requires at least thirty boosts from different members.

Can I Boost a Discord Server Multiple Times?

Yes, you can boost a Discord server multiple times. However, the boosts must come from different members to count towards the server’s boosting level. For example, if you boost a server twice using two different accounts, it will contribute to the server’s level progression.

Benefits of Boosting Multiple Times:

Boosting a Discord server multiple times can provide additional benefits and increase the overall boost level of the server. Each new boost contributes towards unlocking higher levels and unlocking more perks for all members of the server.

Note: It’s important to understand that boosting your own server with multiple accounts owned by yourself is against Discord’s guidelines. Boosting should be done organically by different users who genuinely enjoy and support the community.


In summary, boosting a Discord server is an excellent way to enhance its features and provide additional perks to its members. While you can boost a server multiple times, it is crucial to do so organically with contributions from different users. By boosting your favorite servers, you can help create vibrant and engaging communities within Discord.

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