Can Discord Server Banners Be a GIF?


Angela Bailey

Discord servers have become a popular platform for communities to come together and connect. With the ability to create unique servers and customize them to fit a specific theme or aesthetic, server owners often wonder if they can use GIFs for their server banners. In this article, we will explore whether Discord server banners can indeed be a GIF.

Understanding Discord Server Banners

Discord allows server owners to set a banner image for their servers, which appears at the top of the server’s interface. This banner serves as an eye-catching visual element that represents the server’s identity and purpose.

The Current Limitations

Currently, Discord only supports static images for server banners. This means that you cannot directly upload and use a GIF as your server’s banner image. However, there are ways to work around this limitation and still incorporate animated elements into your banner.

Alternative Solutions

1. Animated Emojis

If you want to add some movement to your server banner, you can consider using animated emojis. Discord allows users with Nitro subscriptions to upload custom animated emojis, which can be used anywhere on the platform, including within your server’s name or description.

To utilize this feature effectively, you can create or find animated emoji files that represent your server’s theme or logo. Once uploaded, you can include these emojis in your server name or description creatively to give the illusion of animation in your banner.

2. Custom CSS Styling

If you have experience with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you can take advantage of custom styling options within Discord using third-party applications like BetterDiscord or BeautifulDiscord.

  • BetterDiscord: BetterDiscord is a popular Discord customization tool that allows you to apply custom CSS styles to your Discord client. By using this tool, you can modify the appearance of your server banner and potentially incorporate GIF-like effects.
  • BeautifulDiscord: BeautifulDiscord is another customization tool that enables you to add custom CSS styles to Discord. With this tool, you can experiment with different animations and effects for your server banner.

3. Video Embeds

Although Discord does not support GIFs directly in server banners, it does allow you to embed videos in chat channels. You can utilize this feature by creating a short video clip that resembles a GIF and then embedding it in a channel within your server.

To achieve this, record a short video clip using software like OBS Studio or any other screen recording tool. Make sure the video showcases the desired animation or movement you want for your server banner. Once recorded, upload the video to a platform like YouTube or Google Drive and obtain the embed link.

Next, create a new channel dedicated to displaying the animated banner within your server. Open the settings for the channel and paste the embed link into the appropriate field. This will display the video as an embedded element within that channel, giving the appearance of an animated banner.


In summary, while Discord currently does not support GIFs as server banners directly, there are alternative solutions available to add animated elements or mimic GIF-like effects for your server’s visual identity. By utilizing features such as animated emojis, custom CSS styling with tools like BetterDiscord or BeautifulDiscord, or embedding videos in dedicated channels, you can still create visually engaging banners for your Discord community.

Remember to experiment with different options and get creative to make your server stand out!

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