Can Discord Bots Join Server?


Scott Campbell

Can Discord Bots Join Server?

Discord bots have become an integral part of the gaming and online community experience. These handy little programs can perform a wide range of tasks, from moderating channels to playing music and even welcoming new members.

But can Discord bots actually join a server? Let’s find out!

What is a Discord Bot?

Before we dive into whether Discord bots can join servers or not, let’s quickly discuss what exactly a Discord bot is. A Discord bot is an automated program that can be added to a server to perform various functions. These functions can include moderating chats, providing helpful information, playing music, and much more.

Bots are created by developers using the Discord API, which allows them to interact with Discord servers and users. They are essentially separate accounts that operate on their own but are connected to a specific server.

Can Bots Join Servers?

The short answer is yes, bots can join servers! In fact, inviting a bot to your server is as simple as generating an invite link and sending it to the bot’s developer or adding it directly through the Discord website or app.

To invite a bot to your server, you will need the appropriate permissions within your server. Once you have those permissions, you can either generate an invite link or search for the bot in the Discord Bot List. The invite link will usually be provided on the developer’s website or in relevant communities.

Generating an Invite Link

To generate an invite link, you will need access to the bot’s token or authentication credentials. This token ensures that only authorized bots can join your server.

  1. Navigate to the Discord Developer Portal and log in with your Discord account.
  2. Create a new application and give it a name.
  3. Select the “Bot” section from the sidebar and click on the “Add Bot” button.
  4. Enable the necessary permissions for your bot, such as reading messages, sending messages, or managing roles.
  5. Copy the generated invite link and share it with others or directly add it to your server.

Note that when generating an invite link, you can customize the permissions granted to the bot based on your specific needs. It’s essential to review these permissions carefully to ensure that the bot has access to only what is required for its intended purpose.


In summary, Discord bots are indeed capable of joining servers. They can be added by generating an invite link or searching for them in bot lists. Bots offer a wide range of functionality and can greatly enhance your Discord server experience by automating tasks and providing useful features.

If you’re interested in exploring different bots for your server, be sure to check out the numerous resources available online. These resources include bot lists, community forums, and developer websites where you can find bots tailored to your specific needs.

So go ahead and invite some bots to your server! Enhance your community’s functionality and make managing your Discord server a breeze!

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