Can Bots Leave Discord Server?


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Discord has gained immense popularity as a communication platform, allowing users to create and join servers based on their interests. Within these servers, users can interact with each other through text messages, voice calls, and even bots. Bots have become an integral part of Discord servers, providing various functionalities and enhancing user experience.

What are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are automated programs that can perform a wide range of tasks within a server. They can be added to a server through the use of OAuth2 authorization tokens. Once added, these bots can carry out functions such as moderating chat, playing music, providing information, and much more.

Can Bots Leave Discord Servers?

The question often arises whether bots have the capability to leave Discord servers on their own. The answer is yes; bots can leave Discord servers. However, it is important to note that bots cannot leave servers unless explicitly instructed to do so by the server owner or an individual with the appropriate permission.

Leaving a Server Using Bot Commands

To remove a bot from a Discord server using bot commands, you need to have administrative privileges or be granted the necessary permissions within the server.

If you have the required permissions, you can use specific command syntax to instruct a bot to leave a server. The exact command may vary depending on the bot being used; however, most bots utilize commands like /leave, /exit, or /kickbot.

Kicking a Bot Through Discord User Interface

If you don’t want to use commands and prefer using the Discord user interface instead, you can also remove bots by following these steps:

  1. Open the Discord application or website and navigate to the server where the bot is present.
  2. Click on the server’s name to access the server settings.
  3. Select the “Members” option from the left sidebar.
  4. Locate the bot’s name in the member list and right-click on it.
  5. A dropdown menu will appear; select “Kick ” from the options provided.

By following these steps, you can effectively remove a bot from a Discord server using the user interface.


Bots are an essential part of Discord servers, providing various functionalities and enhancing user experience. While bots can leave servers, they require explicit instructions from server owners or individuals with appropriate permissions to do so. Whether through bot commands or using Discord’s user interface, removing bots from servers is a straightforward process.

Remember to keep your server organized and only remove bots when necessary. Bots can greatly contribute to creating a vibrant and engaging community within your Discord server!

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