Are Discord Server Boosts Permanent?


Angela Bailey

Are Discord Server Boosts Permanent?

Discord server boosts are a feature that allows users to support their favorite servers and unlock special perks. But have you ever wondered if these boosts are permanent?

In this article, we will explore the lifespan of server boosts and how they can affect your Discord experience.

What are Discord Server Boosts?

Discord server boosts are a way for users to show their appreciation for a particular server. When you boost a server, you provide it with additional features and benefits.

These perks can include higher audio quality, custom emojis, animated server icons, and more.

To boost a server, you need to be an active member of that community. Once you become eligible to boost, you can choose to spend Nitro or use Nitro Classic to purchase boosts for the server of your choice.

How Long Do Boosts Last?

Boosts on Discord servers are not permanent by default. When a user boosts a server, their boost contributes towards the overall level of the server.

Servers have different levels based on the number of active boosts they receive.

Boost levels unlock various benefits for the entire community. However, individual boosts only last for 30 days from the date of purchase or renewal.

After this period, your boost will expire and no longer provide additional perks.

Can You Extend Boost Duration?

As an individual user, you cannot directly extend the duration of your boost beyond 30 days. However, there is an option to continuously renew your boost every month if you wish to support the server consistently.

To continue boosting a specific server without interruption, make sure that your Nitro subscription remains active or manually renew your boost before it expires. This way, you can ensure that the server benefits from your boost continuously.

What Happens When Boosts Expire?

When your boost expires, your contribution towards the server’s level will be removed. This means that the server’s boost level may decrease if other members’ boosts also expire around the same time.

However, any perks or benefits unlocked by higher boost levels will still be available to everyone in the community. So even if your individual boost expires, you can still enjoy the perks as long as the server maintains its overall boost level.

Boosting Multiple Servers

Discord allows users to boost multiple servers at once. However, keep in mind that you have a limited number of boosts available depending on your Nitro subscription tier.

For example, Nitro Classic users get two boosts, while Nitro users get an additional two boosts for a total of four.

If you have boosted multiple servers and one or more of your boosts expire, the remaining active boosts will continue to contribute towards their respective servers’ levels.

In Conclusion

Discord server boosts provide a way for users to support their favorite communities and unlock special perks. While individual boosts are valid for 30 days only, they can be renewed or replaced to ensure continuous support.

Remember that even when a boost expires, higher-level perks are still accessible as long as the overall server level is maintained.

So go ahead and show some love for your favorite Discord servers by boosting them and enjoying the benefits that come with it!

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