Are Discord Server Boosts Permanent?


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Are Discord Server Boosts Permanent?

Discord server boosts are a fantastic way to enhance your server’s features and engage with your community on a whole new level. But many server owners often wonder whether these boosts are permanent or if they expire after a certain period of time. In this article, we will delve into the details of Discord server boosts and shed light on their permanence.

Understanding Discord Server Boosts

If you’re unfamiliar with Discord server boosts, let’s start with a quick overview. Server boosts are a premium feature offered by Discord that allow members of a server to contribute towards its development and unlock various perks in return.

  • Boost Levels: Servers can be boosted up to three levels, depending on the number of boosts received.
  • Perks: Each boost level unlocks specific perks such as enhanced audio quality, custom emojis, increased upload limits, and even vanity URLs.
  • Nitro Benefits: Boosting a server also grants benefits to the boosting member themselves, such as increased upload size and emotes across all servers they are part of.

The Permanence of Server Boosts

Now comes the question: Are these boosts permanent? The answer is both yes and no.

The Permanence for Server-Owner Boosts:

If you are the owner of a server that has been boosted, fear not! The boosts contributed by your members are indeed permanent. As long as your server maintains its boost level (which requires ongoing support from your community), you will continue to enjoy the unlocked perks indefinitely.

The Permanence for Member Boosts:

On the other hand, if you are a member who has boosted a server, your boost is not permanent. Member boosts operate on a monthly basis. When you boost a server, your boost stays active for one month from the date of contribution.

Renewing and Maintaining Boosts:

To keep the perks of member boosts active, you need to renew your boost every month by contributing another boost. If you do not renew your boost, the perks associated with it will expire at the end of the current billing cycle.


In summary, Discord server boosts can be permanent or temporary depending on whether you are the server owner or a boosting member. Server-owner boosts are indeed permanent as long as the required boost level is maintained. However, member boosts require monthly renewal to retain their perks.

So, whether you are managing a server or considering boosting one, understanding the permanence of Discord server boosts is crucial in making informed decisions and maximizing their benefits for yourself and your community.

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