Are Discord Server Boost Levels Permanent?


Angela Bailey

Discord, the popular communication platform, offers its users a range of features to enhance their server experience. One such feature is the ability to boost a server, which provides various benefits to both the server owner and its members. However, many users wonder if these boost levels are permanent or if they expire after a certain period of time.

Understanding Discord Server Boost Levels

Discord Server Boosting is a unique system that allows users to support their favorite servers by contributing boosts. These boosts provide additional perks and advantages to the server owner and members, creating a more engaging and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

When a server receives a boost from a user, it unlocks various features depending on the number of boosts it has received. These features include higher audio quality, enhanced video streaming options, custom server banners, and even vanity URLs.

The Different Boost Levels

Discord offers three different boost levels:

  • Nitro Classic: This is the first level of boosting available to Nitro Classic subscribers. It provides the basic benefits mentioned earlier.
  • Nitro: Nitro subscribers can boost a server up to two times, unlocking additional perks such as animated server icons and higher upload limits.
  • Nitro Server Boost: This is the highest level of boosting available and offers substantial benefits like an improved audio quality stream for all members of the boosted server.

Are Discord Server Boost Levels Permanent?

The question remains: Are these boost levels permanent or do they expire after some time? The answer is both straightforward and slightly nuanced:

Boosts from Nitro Classic and Nitro subscribers:

Boosts from Nitro Classic and Nitro subscribers are not permanent. These boosts last for a month and need to be renewed to maintain the benefits they provide. This means that if a user’s boost expires or they decide to remove their boost, the server will lose the perks associated with that boost level.

Boosts from Nitro Server Boost subscribers:

Boosts from Nitro Server Boost subscribers, on the other hand, are permanent as long as the subscription remains active. If a Nitro Server Boost subscriber decides to cancel their subscription, their boost will be removed, and the server will lose any perks associated with that particular boost level.


In summary, Discord server boost levels are not all permanent. While boosts from Nitro Classic and Nitro subscribers need to be renewed every month to maintain their benefits, boosts from Nitro Server Boost subscribers are permanent as long as the subscription remains active.

It’s important for both server owners and members to understand these dynamics when considering boosting a server or relying on boosted perks. Regular communication between server owners and members can help ensure that everyone is aware of any changes in boost levels and can adapt accordingly.

Boosting a Discord server can significantly enhance the overall experience for both the community members and the server owner. Whether you’re looking for better audio quality, eye-catching customization options, or increased streaming capabilities, understanding how these boost levels work is essential in making informed decisions.

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